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The future of $BEAST

The Beasts are now over 1 year old. We had a wild time with ups and downs, but our journey is just getting started!

The project has become really big thanks to a great and large community that supports us in building our future!

When we started as a little project, we brought the $BEAST Token to life. The Token, as well as its potential utility, changed with the growth of the project, and now we are right in front of an important decision in the history of the Beasts.

The Token has a total supply of 250,000 $BEAST on the L1 Shimmer network.

The problem is we can't use it on the L1, and we need to bridge it to the EVM (L2) to open its utility. The IF didn't figure out how to build a tool for bridging assets from L1 to L2, which means that all the projects need to do it manually now.

We are not proud to tell the community that for a bright utility of the Token, we will need to increase the total supply. Right now, we cannot add liquidity, enable staking for a longer time period, make special airdrops or start rewarding the community for Zealy and Beast Art interactions.

But we do not want to make this decision alone! In our community, there are believers, investors, supporters, and friends! A few weeks ago, we already had the experience of an increased Token supply of the IOTA Token without any influence from the community. That's not how we want to do things! The community has the right to decide for a better future for the Beasts!

You have the opportunity to choose between these 2 options:


  • Token gets bridged to the EVM without any changes. L1 Tokens get burned.


  • Token gets bridged to the EVM. L1 Tokens get burned.

  • Token supply increases to 2,500,000 (10X).

  • The last few weeks of L1 staking will still be paid.

  • We add liquidity to list the token on several DEXs.

  • We start a new staking campaign with more rewards.

  • Tanglebeast and Beast Art NFT holders will get an airdrop.

  • Token owners will receive 20% more tokens.

  • We will take Tokens from the Treasury for Zealy quests.

New Tokenomics:

  • 2.500.000 Total

  • ≈200.000 in circulation + 20% on top for holders = 250.000 (10%)

  • 1.000.000 staking and liquidity (40%)

  • 150.000 Team (6%)

  • 600.000 Treasury (24%)

  • 50.000 Tanglebeast and Beast Art NFT holder Airdrop (2%)

  • 450.000 reward points program on the Beast Art marketplace (18%)

Every $BEAST Token holder has the right to vote. Every vote has the same weight; the amount of Tokens does not matter.

You can place your vote here:

Beasts also make mistakes. But real beasts take action on their mistakes and learn from them. That's the difference between a Beast and a mouse 🐁.

Thanks for your understanding and support!

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