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The birth of the "Tangle Beasts"

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Back in 2020 I discovered the world of the "cryptocurrencies" and more precisely "MIOTA" whose technology totally fascinated me.

After some research i hit the topic NFTs.

Art passionate me ever since I can hold a pen, so the "NFTs" subject appeared as really interesting. It combines cryptocurrencies with digital art in a very impressive way.

Even though I had no experience in digital art, I jumped in it and didn't stop until I saw results.

After a lot of sleepless nights the first collection, "Iota Tangle Beasts" was born.

And what a surprise ! It has been sold out in 3 minutes !

At that moment the project "Tangle Beasts" was born for me.

I started to get more and more involved with endless motivation and I think those who follow my project could see that the artworks has been improving steadily and the digital designing skills has been growing.

Despite the fact that the first collection is not the most beautiful, it is the collection that triggers the greatest emotions in me.

That's why I am grateful to everyone who believed in the project from the beginning and supported me.

Over time, I met new people, made contacts and worked on cooperations. I involved more people in the project and our team now consists of 3 people.

I am the only designer in the team and after long nights of work the artworks are now ready to be printed into physical art.

And that's how our second project "Beast Art" was born.

You can now visit our online store to discover this very limited collection of art.

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