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Beast Art opens the gates

In a few days, the first sale of the newly founded "Beast Art" project will take place. In this article, you will learn more about the process and the sale.

We are giving the community the opportunity to purchase 3 artworks. Each artwork has exactly 10 copies, which have a digital and physical "Artwork ID" and a "limitation number." These 2 numbers make it possible to link each physical picture to the digital one and anchor the information and limitation on the Tangle.

The artwork comes with a certificate that has all the necessary data for the picture, including a QR code that leads directly to the digital twin.

The artworks are printed directly onto aluminum and are delivered in a matte design with the size 40cm X 30cm. Using UV direct printing technology, it is possible to print the artwork edge-to-edge on a 3mm thin aluminum plate, making it look very high-quality and elegant.

Every buyer of an artwork receive a percentage cashback in $BEAST-Tokens.

If you purchase all 3 artworks, you will receive a cashback of 100%.

If you purchase 2 artworks, you will receive a cashback of 75%.

If you purchase 1 artwork, you will receive a cashback of 50%.

This is a very good opportunity to circulate the $BEAST-Token and also an opportunity for the community to get $Beast-Tokens without just purchasing the pure tokens.

The limitation of these 3 artworks is very strictly limited, which will not happen to such an extreme in the future. In the future, we will make 30-100 copies available, depending on the artwork. So it is an exclusive offer for the Soonaverse community.

The mint price is 400 Miota. After purchasing the NFT, you will receive a code with a 100% discount on your purchased artwork. You can redeem this code in our shop's shopping cart.

Shipping within Germany is free.

Shipping within the EU is 9.99€.

Sadly for this sale we will not be able to ship outside of the EU.

The package includes:

The artwork

The certificate

Magnet holder

3 stickers

The included magnet holder is perfect for hanging and aligning the picture without much effort and without damaging the wall. You can also easily rearrange the artwork as you like and quickly and easily reorganize your wall using the magnet holder.

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