Soon you will be able to purchase the Tangle Beast Token





Public Sale
Fair token distribution to the public. 100% of these funds will be used to continue the growth of the project


Part of the funds will be used for public charity donations


Development Funds
These tokens will be allocated to the founding team and other key team members


A large portion of the tokens will be
reserved for future token staking rewards

Token value

1 token has the value of 1 Miota





Up to 8% will get airdropped to the owners of our NFTs



The owners of the NFTs from the Tangle Beasts collection will receive 150 Tokens per NFT


The Alpha Legendary Beast owner will receive 300 Tokens

The owners of the NFTs from the Tangle Apes collection will receive a multiplier of 2X


The Vitus NFT owner will receive a multiplier of 5X

Multipliers are effective for the presale and the airdrop


The IOTA Tangle Apes (partner edition) collection is excluded from these benefits

Use case

With the purchase of the tokens you will invest in the project and thus participate in its growth.
In the future there will be advantages for owners of the tokens. They will be able to get discounts, limited collections and airdrops.
We will use the income from the tokens to build in more possibilities to use the tokens.


22.05.2022 12:00 GMT+2

15% of the tokens will be available exclusively for the presale

You will be able to buy a Tangle Beasts Token NFT, which will allow you to get 150 tokens after it is launched

Price of the NFT is 100 Miota

Beastcoin NFT website5.png