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We are an ever-growing NTF Project providing its NFT collection on the Soonaverse marketplace using the IOTA-Tangle


IOTA Tangle Beasts Collection

If you own an NFT of the genesis collection you will benefit from several advantages
within our community. These benefits include access to whitelist spots, discounts and
chances to airdrops. In addition, the NFTs looks damn good!

IOTA Tangle Apes Collection

This 2 collection consists of 10 apes that escaped from the cold war between apes and humans. Do not judge them by their evil look, they have seen too much

Banner Apes 4X-schnitt.jpg
IOTA Tangle Tigers Banner.png

IOTA Tangle Tigers

This collection consists of 353 unique tigers. Each tiger was randomly generated from 38 properties consisting of 4 categories. There are 5 Exclusive Rare Tigers in the collection, which have a rarity of 0.29%. Since the tigers were randomly generated, each has a unique rarity. If you are a true Tangle Beast OG we are happy to tell you that you can combine the tigers! If you collect 4 of the different tigers with the same background or eye color you will get a special tiger that contains the properties of OG partners

IOTA Tangle Tigers
(Collector's Edition)

If you are collecting 4 different tigers of the Tangle Tigers collection with the same background/eyecolour, u will get this special tiger for free! These tigers are randomly generated of 32 traits from 4 categories. Every tiger is unique and is wearing the hoodie of one of our partners. That means you will not just invest in the tanglebeasts, you will also invest in these partners

Tangle monsters banner1.2 CR.png

IOTA Tangle Monsters

The IOTA Tangle Monsters is a collection of 15 NFTs. Each monster is unique . This collection is not generated and each NFT was created with love and inspiration. This collection is made especially for great Tangle Beast fans who trust in this project and its art. By owning an NFT from this collection, you are not only the owner of this collection, you also  own a percentage part of the collection and will be able to get a passive income. All the funds from the royalties (10%) go into a pot. This pot will be emptied from time to time and the funds will be fairly distributed to each owner.

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