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Immerse yourself in a world of breathtaking beauty with Tanglebeasts, an NFT project that utilizes the power of the Iota and Shimmer network to create stunning digital and physical artworks.


The Tanglebeasts boast an exceptional team of three talented members. Together, they combine their unique skills to create an innovative project. The shared goal of this creative team is to create an NFT project that focuses on art and revolutionizes the world of crypto art.


Marvin, also known as Mr. Tanglebeast, is the founder and creative mastermind behind the project. As the artist, he has crafted the impressive artworks that make the project truly remarkable. With his dedication and creativity, Marvin handles most of the project's tasks, ensuring smooth operations.


Alexia, also known as Mrs. Tanglebeast, is the gifted writer of the team, responsible for composing blog articles and creating texts. She also supports Marvin in managing the different numerous project tasks. Her skillful communication and empathy for the art scene are crucial for spreading the project's message and establishing a dedicated community.


Roman is the numbers whiz. He handles all financial aspects of the project, including calculating Airdrop rewards and creating metadata. His expertise in Excel and numerical work helps in efficiently and successfully managing the project.

Join the Beasts on this thrilling journey into the world of NFTs and discover the limitless possibilities of art!

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The Tanglebeast Token has captured the hearts of investors and art collectors alike.


On the powerful Shimmer network, known for its fee-free nature, the token is a true beast.

As a BEAST token holder, you gain access to a world of benefits and privileges. These include staking rewards, exclusive collections and offers, and early access to sales of strictly limited physical artworks. These benefits make the BEAST token a unique investment and collector's item.

The Shimmer network is known for its fast transactions and high security. The Soonaverse platform is known as the first and largest platform to enable trading of assets on the Shimmer network. The token can be traded and staked there, just like on any other trading platform. Soon, the token will also be available on Iotabee, where users can swap and trade digital assets in seconds.

Those who invest in the BEAST token early are rewarded by being the first to gain access to the strictly limited physical artworks reserved exclusively for BEAST token holders. These artworks are not only unique collector's items, but also valuable assets that can appreciate over time.

In addition to artworks, there are also exclusive collections and offers for BEAST token holders. These offers may include discounts on various products, collections and services, whitelist spots, and access to unique events and experiences.

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The BEAST Token has a rare total supply of only 250,000 Tokens.

35% Public Sale
The Token got fairly distribution to the public.


10% Fundraising
This part of the funds will be used for public charity donations.


10% Development Funds
These Tokens are allocated to the founding team and other key team members.


45% Treasury

We are using 76% of the treasury (85,500 BEAST) to distribute staking rewards to the respective participants. The rest of the treasury is needed to add liquidity for future listings.


Beast Art

Beast Art

Beast Art, founded by the Tanglebeasts, is a growing brand that offers premium artworks in the form of physical products in a new and different way. Every artwork is strictly limited premium art and linked to its digital twin NFT.

The NFTs are available on the Shimmer network which is known for its fast transactions, high security and feeles nature.

To link the digital with the physical world, we are using a chip as metaanchor, which makes it not only a unique collector's item, but also a valuable asset that can be traded and appreciated over time.

In addition, as if it were not secure enough, you receive a physical certificate with each artwork. This digital and physical certificate in combination makes it almost impossible to fake the product.


The art is printed on high quality acrylic glass and aluminum.

With the purchase of any of our artworks, you simultaneously receive the ownership rights to the digital twin.

Join the journey and be part of the first project that links physical art with digital NFTs to guarantee its limitation in combination with DEFI.

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Each artwork is individually checked, numbered and approved with a certificate of authenticity. Certified in the form of paper and as a digital NFT

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Thanks to the smart magnetic holder, the installation is very simple, the images can be restructured and there is no need to damage the wall

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Every artwork is available in a strictly limited number. Once they’re gone, it’s forever!

VIP 500 px.png


BEAST Token owners will be able to join the VIP club to get early access and extra discounts on upcoming artworks



Since every artwork is linked to its digital twin you can trade these assets on the market

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Q2 - 2023

Finish Beast Art store

We are currently working on the Beast Art-store to add the BEAST Token payment, tokengating and NFT minting on the shimmer network (Layer 2) directly in the store.

Q2 - 2023

Beast Art testcollection

To test the functionality of the store we will provide a testcollection. At this step we want to see how smooth it works and fix possible bugs. This will happen on the testnet with no value.

Q3 - 2023

Open final gates

After the BEAST payment, tokengating and NFT minting got tested and works well we will open the official gates to the Beast Art store with the upcoming shimmer EVM Mainnet. At this point the public will be able to see the store and the new possibillities it brings with it.

Q3 - 2023


After we are sure everything works well we will start the marketing campaigns we prepared. These will happen online as well as offline. At this step we want to see how the public reacts on the new possibillity of investing in art and we also hope to bring new people into the Shimmer and Iota network.

Q3 - 2023

Early supporters

The holders of the first Tanglebeast NFT-collections will get rewarded with a upgraded version of their NFT. This upgraded NFT will be for free. The first upgraded collections will be: Iota Tangle Beasts, Iota Tangle Apes, Iota Tangle Tigers.

Q4 - 2023

Tanglebeast-NFT products

We want to give every Tanglebeast-NFT owner the opportunity to get their own NFT as a Beast Art premium product with a limitation of 1. For this step, we need to build new features into the store which enable owners to verify their ownership of a layer 1 NFT.

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